Make a New Jewish Bestie Challenge 2024

Free online event for ALL Jewish women to help create fun, new, meaningful Jewish friendships

March 17 -21 | Inside the Smashing Life app

(There will be free unlimited access to the Smashing Life app for the duration of the challenge)

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With the recent staggering rise in antisemitism we're all feeling the need to connect with our Jewish friends and community now more than ever.

Nourishing Jewish friendships energize us and make us feel comforted, connected and understood.

If you're lucky enough to already have strong Jewish friendships you'll want to join the Jewish Bestie Challenge to make even more!

And if you don't have many Jewish friends, or a community who 'gets you', this challenge is exactly what you need to feel whole again.

No Labels, No Judgment – Just Authentic Connection

The challenge is open to all Jewish women, regardless of where you are in life, what kind of Jewish upbringing you had, or how observant you are.

Whether you're single, engaged, married, a mother, a business owner, a corporate climber, a modern Jew, a traditional Jew, a patrilineal Jew, a new Jew, or anything in between – we welcome you with open arms.

Plus, inside the challenge you'll have the chance to win one of two GORGEOUS ✡️ Star of David necklaces and three Jewish Joy Journals!

We know you want all the Jewish pride you can get right now so inside the challenge we're giving away two STUNNING Magen David necklaces and three Jewish Joy Journals (the bestselling gratitude journal for Jewish women!). Register now for the chance to win your dream Jewish prizes:

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About Karen, Your Challenge Host:

Dubbed the "Oprah of Jewish Joy" and the Queen of Jewish Positivity, Karen Cinnamon runs online brands and communities that help Jewish women all over the world feel connected, included and empowered.

Karen is the founder of Your Jewish Life™, the premier podcast, Instagram account and weekly newsletter for Jewish millennials, and reaches, and positively impacts, over 4 million users every week.

She is the author of the bestselling Jewish Joy Journal – the no.1 gratitude journal and goal planner for Jewish women.

Karen was  recently named one of the top 100 Influential Jews of 2023 in the Jewish 100, and is the founder of Smashing Life, the fastest-growing community  for Jewish women in the world, and Smashing The Glass, the world’s biggest Jewish wedding platform.


I live in the USA / UK / Canada / Australia / Another part of the world - can I join in the challenge?

Yes! No matter where in the world you are, you can join.

Is it for all age groups?

Yes! The challenge is open to all Jewish women, no matter how old you are, where you are in life, what kind of Jewish upbringing you had, or how observant you are.

Where does the Challenge take place and how does it work?

The challenge is hosted inside @yourjewishlife's very own private app, Smashing Life™, which is a safe, nourishing Jew-licious hate-free zone!

Once you register all will be revealed about how it will work but get ready to make new nourishing new Jewish friendships within the 5 days of the challenge.

I'm a patrilineal Jew / in the process of converting to Judaism / the partner of a Jew - is the Challenge for me?

The Challenge is be held inside Smashing Life™ which is a safe, welcoming, inclusive Jewish space. We welcome patrilineal Jews, in-progress converts, as well as those still exploring how they connect to their Jewish heritage, and partners of Jews.

It goes without saying, we also embrace ALL Jewish women – traditional, observant, cultural, liberal and any other way we care to label our identity. However, the Challenge and Smashing Life™ is not a space for Messianics.

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