10 Jewish Instagrammers Tell Us Their Favorite Thing about Being Jewish



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This week is devoted to our favorite things about being Jewish! Karen brings together ten of her very favorite Jewish Instagrammers, from challah bakers to rabbis, to share their own very favorite thing about being part of this wonderful, ancient religion/people/culture. Karen also talks about some of the things she finds most meaningful about Judaism in her own life – and shares some favorites from members of the Smashing Life community!

You’ll hear from:

  • Karen on why she’s never felt luckier to be Jewish than right now, as she faces the tragic death of her beloved mother
  • @myjewishmommylife on being lifted up by Jewish community during good and bad times
  • @rabbisandra on Jewish values and communal prayer 
  • @rebekahlowin on why she loves the fact that Judaism not only tolerates but encourages asking hard questions
  • @mandyliciouschallah on how baking challah helped her find her own place in Judaism
  • @unkoshermarket on how the renaissance in Jewish food has strengthened her Jewish identity
  • @challahdolly on the instant feeling of connection she gets when she meets other Jews
  • @barianna on how Judaism gives her faith in a chaotic world
  • @whitneyfisch on the way you can form an instant community wherever you are in the world, just by connecting with other Jews
  • @theamyalbertson on how amazing it is that Jewish communities throughout the diaspora are so varied, yet also one
  • @modern_ritual on the beauty of Jewish rituals (what else?)


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