Building Jewish Community through Books with PJ Library



In this episode...

Karen sits down with Lauren Hamburger, the UK director of PJ Library, an organization that sends free Jewish children’s books to families across the world each month – all in the name of helping families learn about Judaism in a gentle way, sparking Jewish conversation in the home, and, ultimately, inspiring connection to the broader Jewish community (in whatever way feels right for each family). They chat about making Judaism accessible, building Jewish community, and raising proud Jewish children – and share info about how to sign up, of course!

You’ll find out:

  • What PJ Library is all about, how it works, and why it’s for ALL families raising Jewish children
  • How Lauren was inspired to become more religious as teenager
  • The importance of normalizing Judaism in everyday life
  • How Lauren got involved with PJ Library – and brought it to the UK
  • Why PJ Library empowers parents to be Jewish educators in their homes
  • Some of the most inspiring stories Lauren’s heard from PJ Library families
  • How PJ Library builds in-person Jewish community
  • What PJ Library’s doing to make sure their books reflect the diversity of the Jewish community
  • How PJ Library helped Karen’s daughter find a Jewish hero
  • The importance of parents learning with their kids
  • How Dolly Parton inspired PJ Library
  • What Lauren would say to a family that doesn’t feel Jewish enough to sign up for PJ Library (hint: sign up anyway!)

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Episode Guests...

Lauren Hamburger

Lauren is Director of PJ Library in the UK, responsible for the organisation’s strategy and infrastructure. She first heard about PJ Library when she was living in New York with her young family and loved reading the imaginative PJ Library books as much as her children did. She realised UK families would also welcome PJ Library into their homes and was excited to launch it in early 2015. Outside of the office, Lauren works with different organisations to expand opportunities for women in Judaism.

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