Challah and Baking Your Way to Jewish Bliss with Allegra Benitah, The Challah Mummy



In this episode...

Karen sits down with Allegra Benitah, tax lawyer turned Challah Mummy! Allegra shares her journey to becoming one of Instagram’s most innovative challah bakers – she’s known for her fun shapes and wow flavors (think elderflower, strawberry, and mint challah) – after having grown up in a household where challah only EVER came from the bakery. Learn what it means for her to share the beauty of Judaism through food on a national platform – and don’t miss her tips for the reluctant challah bakers among us!

You’ll find out:

  • Why Allegra loved growing up in a tight knit Jewish neighborhood of a very multicultural city
  • Her path to becoming the Challah Mummy – after growing up in a household where challah ALWAYS came from the bakery
  • How her trailblazing talk show host mom inspires her
  • All about her transition from tax lawyer to professional challah baker
  • How baking challah sparks Jewish joy for Allegra and her children
  • What it means to her to have grown a national platform for sharing the beauty of Judaism
  • Where she gets inspiration for her creative challah shapes and flavors
  • The advice she’d give to people who feel overwhelmed at the thought of baking challah
  • How she grows her in produce while living in London – and how you can too, even if the only space you’ve got is a windowsill
  • Her path to becoming shomer Shabbat as an adult – and why Shabbat is now her favorite time of the week


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Episode Guests...

Allegra Benitah

Allegra Benitah is a Tax Lawyer turned expert Challah Bread Baker who creates decorative Challah Bread filled with seasonal produce which she has often grown or foraged herself. Allegra has appeared on many TV programmes in the UK and Ireland to showcase her beautiful bakes, including ITV's This Morning, Good Morning Britain and James Martin's Saturday Morning. Allegra also lectures in Law at a leading London university

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