Challah Royalty: The Art of Challah with Idan Chabasov, aka the Challah Prince



In this episode...

Karen sits down with none other than the Challah Prince himself! Idan Chabasov is truly a challah baker like no other, and his artistic, meditative approach to challah has taken Instagram by storm. A native Tel Avivian, Idan always loved eating challah but never tried baking it until he moved to Berlin as an adult. He shares all the details of his journey to challah royalty, why he identifies as an artist rather than a baker, the benefits of niching down, and so much more!

You’ll find out:

  • The story of Idan’s path to becoming the Challah Prince
  • How the pandemic got so many more people into challah baking
  • Why you won’t find any other types of bread or baked goods on Idan’s account
  • How he brings his background in art and dance to challah baking
  • Which challah design is his all-time favorite
  • Idan’s stance on fancy challah toppings and stuffings
  • The importance of blocking out all the external noise and staying authentic
  • How his time living in Berlin changed his relationship with Judaism
  • The joys of edible, impermanent art
  • All about Idan’s challah tour of America

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Episode Guests...

Idan Chabasov

Born and raised in Tel Aviv - where he's now returned after 7 years in Berlin, Germany - Idan Chabasov has always been an artist. With a background in professional dancing, video production, animation, art, and PR in the lifestyle industry, it is now Chabasov's mission to bring art into the baking world, and to demonstrate the beauty of every single piece of challah. Chabasov has been baking this traditional Jewish bread for years for friends and family, and in the process discovered a world of beauty, spirituality, and personal-growth. But the hobby remained a hobby, until one evening in January 2020. After a breathing and meditation session, Chabasov spontaneously created the "Challah Prince." What started as a small Instagram account soon became an ever-growing community of art, creativity, positivity, and deliciousness. Particularly during the trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic, Chabasov dedicated himself to this community - sharing his creations and unique braiding methods, and personally communicating with every single one of his community members.

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