Closing Out 2021 at 100% Chutzpah with Unkosher Market



In this episode...

In this episode…

Karen sits down with Shiran and Alex of Unkosher Market, the Jewish apparel and lifestyle brand known for irreverent products from Oy Vey face masks to Everything Bagel nail polish, all about their approach to making Judaism fun, relatable, and even cool – and their attitude of approaching business and life with 100% chutzpah!

You’ll find out:

  • How Unkosher Market came to be
  • The super cute story of Shiran and Alex got to be friends and business partners
  • All about their mission of making Judaism cool
  • How they manage all their ideas – and how they cope when things don’t go to plan
  • The importance of reaching out and taking risks
  • Why this is such an exciting time for Jewish brands
  • The secret to a good Jewish pun
  • What their response to the rise in antisemitism looks like 
  • Shiran and Alex’s favorite #PDJ (public display of Judaism)
  • How they’re planning to bring back chutzpah in 2022
  • All about Shiran’s yacht mitzvah (yep, you read that right!)


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Episode Guests...

Shiran and Alex of Unkosher Market

Unkosher Market is a woman-owned Jewish apparel and lifestyle brand known for its schticky turn of phrases and unexpected products. From their Oy Vey mask to their Everything Bagel Polish collab, everything is made with 100% chutzpah – garnering them attention from The Guardian, The Cut,The New Yorker, blah, blah, blah. Special shout out to their Bubbie Roslyn who does all the shipping from her home in Vegas (toda, Bubbie).

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