Fuel for Jewish Joy: Exploring the Magic of Jewish Food with Felicity Spector



In this episode...

Karen sits down with Felicity Spector – news producer by day, London foodie influencer after hours – to talk about one of the most joyous of Jewish topics: food! Felicity spills all the details on her life as an accidental food influencer, how Jewish food helped her reconnect with her Jewish identity, why food is an amazing way to make friends and forge new connections, and why it’s never too late to start baking your own challah! 

You’ll find out:

  • How food fuels Jewish joy
  • What makes Israeli food so exciting
  • How Felicity balances her demanding career in international news with her side gig as a food influencer
  • Felicity’s favorite Jewish and Israeli eateries
  • How she went from a totally secular upbringing in Birmingham, UK, to becoming one of London’s top Jewish foodies
  • Why food is a great way to educate about Jewish culture
  • The rise of Israeli food in London over the past decade
  • Why food is a great way to start reconnecting with your Jewish identity
  • How she makes friends through food
  • Felicity’s go-to sources for great Jewish recipes
  • Why you might want to practice new challah techniques by braiding tights!


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Episode Guests...

Felicity Spector

Felicity Spector was born in Birmingham and studied at Oxford, where she was president of the Student Union, and the Harvard Kennedy School in American politics. She has spent almost 33 years as senior producer on an international news program, mostly specializing in international news. She worked in Moscow during the fall of the USSR, then Eastern Europe and the United States, where she covered four presidential elections. In her spare time, she loves to bake and devotes lots of time to her food-based Instagram - and at the moment she’s also devoting lots of time to the charity Cook for Ukraine.

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