How I’m Spending Passover 2023



In this episode...

Karen’s thinking about what she wants to break free from as she prepares for Passover 2023. She also shares stories of some of her most memorable seder nights over the years – from childhood celebrations with family in Israel to the ultra-meaningful last seder she spent with her beloved mother, who opened up about her own story of freedom fleeing from Iraq to Israel due to persecution for being Jewish. As always, she’s here to help you figure out how to do your Passover, your way this year! 

You’ll find out:

  • The thing Karen’s most looking forward to about hosting her first seder in her new home
  • What Karen’s childhood Passovers looked like
  • Why Karen recommends taking pictures of your seders
  • What it’s like celebrating Passover in Israel with four generations of Karen’s big Iraqi-Israeli extended family
  • How Karen makes seder night fun for her kids – and how PJ Library has inspired her
  • Why Karen highly recommends spending a Passover in Israel
  • What Karen wants to break free from this year
  • Why Passover (and every day of the year) should be a judgment-free zone

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