How to Make Jewish Friends as an Adult



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Karen sits down with Emily from the Your Jewish Life content team to chat about one of the trickiest parts of adulthood: making friends – especially Jewish ones! They speak about their respective experiences – Karen’s in London and Emily’s in NYC – along with sharing some crowdsourced advice from members of the Smashing Life community. The bottom line is, it’s not easy – but if you’re dedicated and willing to put yourself out there, you CAN make it happen! And if you need a little help, join our Jewish Connection Challenge, happening right now!

Here are some of our top suggestions for making new Jewish friends:

  • Host or attend a Shabbat dinner 
  • Find a Jewish roommate
  • Work at a Jewish organization or business
  • Ask your friends (Jewish or not) to connect you with their other Jewish friends
  • Join local Jewish Facebook groups
  • Go on a Jewish group trip, or attend a Jewish retreat or conference
  • Take a Hebrew class
  • Reconnect with some old Jewish friends, if you’ve got them
  • Volunteer for a Jewish charity
  • Wear some Jewish jewelry, or something with Hebrew on it
  • Join the Smashing Life community
  • Sign up for the Jewish Connection Challenge


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