How to Own Your Jewishness with Yoav Davis of Jews of NY



In this episode...

Karen sits down with Yoav Davis, the founder of Jews of NY, where he shines a light on the beautiful diversity of Jewish life in the Big Apple. Yoav’s commitment to Jewish joy and positivity is so refreshing, and his conversation with Karen about owning your Jewishness, uniting the Jewish world, and the importance of finding your own path in Judaism is sure to inspire.

You’ll find out:

  • Why Yoav feels lucky to be Jewish
  • The differences between Jewish life in Israel and the US
  • What inspired Yoav to start Jews of NY
  • The things that bring Yoav Jewish joy
  • How Jews of NY allows Yoav to connect with the full spectrum of the New York Jewish community
  • Yoav’s tips for feeling confident in your Jewish identity
  • How Yoav balances showcasing the beauty of Judaism with calling out antisemitism
  • Yoav’s mission for Jews of NY in 2023

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Episode Guests...

Yoav Davis

Yoav Davis is the founder of Jews of NY. he grew up in South Africa and Israel and currently lives on the Upper West Side, where he has been working in the TV/Media industry for over a decade. As a young sergeant in the Israeli Defense Forces, Yoav led more than 20 soldiers in the high profile IDF Spokesperson Special Unit. Yoav has since worked for various television companies as a Casting Director, Screenwriter, Story Producer, Creative Director and Show Runner. He graduated with honors from the I.D.C. School of Communications, with a B.A. and a major in Media and Television Studies.

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