Jewish Manifestation with Nata Goldberg



In this episode...

Karen sits down with Nata Goldberg, a Jewish life, mindset, and manifestation coach, for a chat about what exactly manifestation is – and what it means to approach it from a Jewish perspective – how Nata learned to tap into her Jewish spirituality to build the life of her dreams, why this coach encourages you to drop your New Year’s resolutions, living simply in 2022, and so much more.

You’ll find out:

  • What Jewish manifestation really is – and how to embrace it in your own life
  • Why it’s so important to focus on your authentic desires, not “shoulds” imposed on you by others
  • How childhood bullying shaped Nata’s journey
  • What it was like for Nata making aliyah to Israel from Germany
  • How Nata manifested her dream apartment in Jerusalem
  • How keeping Shabbat changed Nata’s life – and her brilliant hack for remembering all the great ideas that come to her on Shabbat when she can’t write them down!
  • The importance of mindset
  • What it was like for Nata growing up Jewish in Germany
  • How living in Israel has helped Nata grow into her most authentic self
  • Why Rosh Hashanah is Nata’s favorite holiday
  • Nata’s top tip for making the world a better place

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Episode Guests...

Nata Goldberg

Nata Goldberg is a (Jewish) life, mindset and manifestation coach. She works with spiritual women from all over the world and helps them break out of their limitations and create their dream lives. She is an advocate for slow living, she loves to create art and loves to nerd out about science. Nata was born in Latvia, grew up in Germany and today she lives in Jerusalem, the heart of Israel.

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