Judaism Without Shame: Empowering Your Jewish Identity with Jewish Advocate Amy Albertson



In this episode...

Karen sits down with Jewish advocate and educator Amy Albertson to chat all about Amy’s experiences as a Chinese American Jewish woman, and her work to empower ALL Jews to own their Jewish identities with no apologies. A passionate voice for ending gatekeeping within the Jewish community, Amy’s celebration of the diversity of the Jewish world and passion for making space for all of us to live our own best Jewish lives, our way, is sure to fill you with hope for the Jewish future.

You’ll find out:

  • All about her upbringing with a Chinese American mom and Ashkenazi American dad
  • How attending Catholic high school strengthened her Jewish identity
  • What it was like diving into a Jewish community in college for the first time
  • Her journey from viewing herself as Jew-ish to Jewish
  • Why diversity is the secret sauce to the richness of the Jewish people
  • How she deals with other people trying to define her Jewishness
  • Non-intimidating ways to start being louder about your Judaism
  • The importance of making sure your Jewish identity isn’t defined by antisemitism
  • What it’s like advocating for Israel online in 2022
  • How Jewish communities do better welcoming Jews of Color


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Episode Guests...

Amy Albertson

Amy Albertson is a Jewish advocate and educator from California. While living in Israel for 6 years, she created "The Asian Israeli," where she cataloged her experiences as a Chinese-American Jewish woman. Through her explorations of her own identity, Amy empowers young Jews to be unapologetically Jewish, both online and in their everyday lives. Currently, she is a digital producer at The Tel Aviv Institute. Amy loves the beach, being a dog mom, and doing her best to make everyone laugh at all times. Follow her: @theamyalbertson.

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