My Autistic Jewish Life with Author Sara Gibbs



In this episode...

Karen sits down with Sara Gibbs, the author and comedy writer behind upcoming Jewish rom com Eight Bright Lights, for a chat about autistic Jewish life, being diagnosed with autism as an adult, standing up to antisemitism, and so much more. We were so lucky to have Sara on staff at Smashing The Glass, our Jewish wedding platform, in the brand’s early days – and it’s wonderful to see how her writing career has blossomed since then! 

You’ll find out:

  • What it was like for Sara being diagnosed with autism at age 30
  • How confronting antisemitism at university ultimately strengthened Sara’s Jewish identity
  • Sara’s experience being doxxed for being publicly Jewish online
  • How Sara’s time writing for Smashing The Glass informed her new romantic comedy
  • How Sara’s autism diagnosis helped her learn to be easier on herself
  • The importance of having boundaries when putting yourself in the public eye
  • Why it’s so important to try to understand other people rather than jumping to conclusions

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Episode Guests...

Sara Gibbs

Sara Gibbs is a UK-based comedy writer, author and notorious cat lady.

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