My Jewish Life – an intro to me, Karen Cinnamon, and why I started this community



In this episode...

In today’s episode, I tell the story of how and why I, Karen Cinnamon (that’s me!) started this community, and all the need-to-know about my Jewish life! From my Ashkenazi / Sephardi childhood growing up in North West London, to my 20’s living in Tel Aviv, my 30’s back in the UK, and the Jewish dating scene (oh the stories!). And of course you’ll hear about how I met my husband, and how planning my Jewish wedding changed my life in WAY more ways than one!

You’ll find out:

  • What lead me to starting my warm, inclusive, non-judgemental communities for Jewish and Jew-ish women to learn, grow and support one another
  • How my audience of Jewish women inspired my community vision, and continue to inspire everything as the community progresses
  • About my childhood growing up in a Jewish neighborhood in London with the diverse influences of an Israeli mother and a British father
  • More about my Ashkenazi / Sephardi upbringing!
  • How my Jewish identity developed from childhood to adulthood (and why working in a restaurant during my university years was a pivotal moment!)
  • How I met my husband
  • How my wedding lead me to a huge change of career
  • How Smashing The Glass lead to Smashing Life.
  • How the pandemic and the increase in antisemitism in recent years inspired me to be bold and go big with Smashing Life


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