No More “Shoulds” – Embracing Your Jewish Life Your Way



In this episode...

This episode is all about “shedding the shoulds” and living your most authentic life – Jewishly and in every other aspect! Karen gets real about the pressures facing Jewish women in the 21st century, and how essential it is to stay true to our authentic selves in the face of it all. Karen opens up about the biggest “should” she’s let go of as a Jewish woman (and how she feels now she’s done it!), as well as real stories from Smashing Life members who are living their Jewish lives, their way.  

You’ll find out:

  • Why the Your Jewish Life podcast is a “no shoulds” zone
  • Why it’s important to live life as your authentic self, whether in your Jewish life, personal life, or professional life
  • The story of how Karen got passionate about shedding the shoulds (hint: it happened on her second date with her now-husband!)
  • How to determine what shoulds you’d like to leave behind in this new year 
  • The biggest should Karen’s shed in her own life as a Jewish woman – and how freeing she’s found it!
  • How like-minded Jewish women are shedding their own shoulds and living their Jewish life their way – with true stories from members of our Smashing Life community
  • All about Karen’s FREE New You 5782 online workshop, happening Sunday September 19, all about seizing the momentum of the new year to build the life you want on your own terms – alongside hundreds of like-minded Jewish women
  • Karen’s three-step plan to living a life that’s authentically you
  • Ideas for sparking your own Jewish joy


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