Our Jewish Conversion Stories: Two Jewish Women Tell Their Stories and Share Their Tips



In this episode...

Karen sits down with Erin and Maggie, two beloved members of the Smashing Life community, to chat about their respective Jewish conversion stories. They give honest accounts of the ups and downs of  conversion, share their tips for those considering converting or already in the process, and delve into how the Smashing Life community (especially the Convert Club, a private space for those who have converted or are currently converting) has helped them grow and connect Jewishly.

This episode is a must-listen if you have converted, are converting, have ever considered converting – or if you just want to better understand what it’s like being a convert in the Jewish world, and how communities can work to be more inclusive and welcoming. 

You’ll find out:

  • What got Erin and Maggie interested in Judaism
  • How and when they knew Judaism was right for them
  • The importance of taking it slowly
  • Whether or not it’s a myth that rabbis will reject a prospective convert three times
  • The biggest challenges Maggie and Erin faced in their conversion journeys
  • How long the conversion timeline was for each of them
  • Erin’s book recs for prospective converts
  • Their biggest tips for those currently in the conversion process
  • What it was like for Erin, who grew up Christian, to share her journey with her family
  • Why you should never ask anyone if they’re converting for marriage
  • The importance of Jewish community
  • How the wider Jewish community can be more accepting to converts
  • The parallels Maggie’s found between her experiences as a convert to Judaism and as an immigrant to Australia
  • A reminder that learning about Judaism is a lifelong process – whether you converted or were born Jewish

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