Tradition…. Tradition!: The Joy of Jewish Weddings



In this episode...

This week, Karen puts on her Jewish wedding expert hat and chats all about one of the most beautiful Jewish traditions of all. You may know her best as the host of Your Jewish Life, but Karen also runs Smashing The Glass – the world’s largest Jewish platform – which she founded while planning her own wedding in 2013, and the accompanying Jewish community, Brides Club. She knows everything that’s worth knowing about Jewish weddings, and then some – and she’s got some valuable pointers for anyone currently in the midst of planning a Jewish or Jew-ish wedding (or hoping to be soon!).

You’ll find out:

  • What’s so special about Jewish weddings
  • Why Karen’s obsessed with the wedding scene in Fiddler on the Roof – and what we can all learn from it 
  • How Karen got the inspiration to create Smashing The Glass in 2013
  • All about Jewish traditions and ways to make them your own
  • Ways to make your Jewish wedding egalitarian while keeping to traditions
  • Tips on how to manage family relationships while planning a wedding
  • The importance of setting boundaries during wedding planning
  • Karen’s favorite element of a Jewish wedding!
  • The first thing you and your partner should do after getting engaged


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