What It’s Like Being a Jewish Influencer with @thatrelatablejew



In this episode...

Karen sits down with Sarah Haskell, the TikTok star behind @thatrelatablejew, where she shares her own relatable Jewish life with over 100,000 followers. They chat about life as an accidental influencer, Sarah’s personal religious journey, Jewish dating in NYC, and the importance of always knowing who you are.

You’ll find out:

  • What inspired Sarah to start sharing her life on TikTok
  • What it’s like getting recognized in public
  • How she finds the right balance in deciding what to share on social media
  • What it’s like being a Jewish TikTok creator – and how Sarah handles all the antisemitism
  • Instagram vs. TokTok
  • Sarah’s Jewish upbringing, and how her religious identity has evolved
  • What it’s like moving from a very Jewish community on Long Island to a diverse neighborhood in NYC
  • The New York Jewish dating scene
  • What Sarah hopes non-Jews will take away from her content

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Episode Guests...

Sarah Haskell

Sarah Haskell, also known as @thatrelatablejew, is a Jewish Content Creator who has built up a following of over 130,000 thousand followers across TikTok and Instagram. She recently moved from Long Island to NYC. Sarah covers a wide range of topics such as kosher food, Jewish holidays, modest fashion, Jewish traditions, and her religious journey! Sarah's goal is to create open discussions about Judaism. She wants to show others that struggling with Judaism is normal, while also highlighting the beauty and positivity that Judaism has brought to her life. Sarah tries to make all of her videos and posts easy to understand so that regardless of someone's religious observance, they can still learn something new about Judaism!

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